I began my project by sketching and creating ideas. I wanted to create a simple, cute animation. My audience is the people who like baby fish and the sea, specifically my dear friend, Ben, who is the inspiration for this project. I decided that a rounded-diamond shaped fish swimming across the screen, stopping, blinking, blowing bubbles, and swimming across the rest of the screen would be the perfect animation. It would be very simple and the fish would capture my audience's hearts.
Illustrator Assets
After sketching and storyboarding, I built the assets in Illustrator. They came together fairly painlessly. Soon, I started animating in After Effects. I had a satisfying first draft in a few hours. After receiving critique, I decided to have the fish move up and down while it swam, rather than just in a straight line. I had the most trouble with that. I had to re-evaluate and reimagine fish swimming so I could get the most accurate "floating and swimming" look.
The Final
In the end, my animation turned out better than I ever imagined it would be. My original goal was to create a cute and simple animation that would capture my audience's hearts. I don't know about you, but it certainly captured my heart. The simple shapes and big, dramatic features of the fish, as well as the bright colors, helped with this.
Bubbles The Fish