Pizza School was founded around 1980 and it is one of Korea's most known pizza companies. Working under a franchise system, there are currently over 500 stores nation-wide. It is between students of all levels and the young people, considered as the favorite for it's price and quality.
Characterized by offering the fastest service, customers tend to buy Pizza School to go and that was one of facts I importantly took into consideration when working on this project.
After a quite extensive research process and considering several elements to be part of the new logo, I decided to go for a graduation hat (Mortarboard), it can not only be related to the name itself, but it also represents accomplishment and success. 
I have also come up with a slightly unconvencional design for the pizza box, getting rid of the usual lid and designing it in a way that can be easily fold and carried as a briefcase or some sort of bag; like a scholar may would. Also applied some pizza slice-resembling patterns and a warm color palette to bring in the "taste" and "price" elements. 
Note: The box size and design was made based on real and unique features of the Pizza School pizza, like simple topings, texture and size.