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AutoStore is a Norwegian tech company, leading innovation in the field of robotic warehouse automation. Tendril was approached with the task of conceiving and creating a film that captured the elegant futurism of the AutoStore brand and its unique cubic approach to storage.

By installing smart robots on a three-dimensional grid system, AutoStore can produce space for four times more inventory than a traditional warehouse system. On one hand, it is a highly sophisticated and complex system, driven by decades of deep product engineering and code. On the other hand, it is delightfully simple, elegant, and adaptive.
Tendril’s role encompassed design and concept through live action production, CG animation, and delivery. One particularly exciting aspect of this project was teaming up with our friends at Worship to co-direct and CypherAudio to craft the score and sound design. We were blessed with an absolutely incredible team on this project, composed of artists from the studio as well as a hand-picked team of international collaborators.

Using boxes, dots and grids as our basic graphic units, we explored ways to communicate the sorting algorithms the robots use to retrieve products within a bin anywhere on the grid.

Fully immersing ourselves in the technology — speaking directly with the lead engineers at AutoStore — we sought inspiration in sorting and pathfinding algorithms, procedural grids, and spatial subdivision techniques. Our intent was to develop a unique visual language for AutoStore that would convey efficiency and mastery of space and organization.

A key element of the visual language we wanted to create for AutoStore was to depict graphically that the system is incredibly fast and efficient at sorting, retrieving and processing through complex data. Space opened, transformed, subdivided and expanded.

Visual Development

In the brand film we are introduced to a type of warehouse we’ve never seen. It’s a technological work of art.

Procedural FX and RnD

In pre-production, we designed and animated custom user interface elements to depict the control system that is at the heart of the AutoStore grid.

These elements were designed for live on-camera playback and interaction within a custom-built set.

Live Action Shoot


Client: AutoStore
Marketing Director: Magne Hatteland
Production Company: Tendril

Production Co: Tendril
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Leah Wesolowski
Co-Directors: Chris Bahry, Nicolas Girard, Rafael Ruiz
Project Manager: Craig Watson
AD: Olga Abramowicz
Coordinator: Brittany Sheahan
DOP: Jeremy Benning
Set Design: Nicolas Girard
Set Art Direction and Build: Jamie Hill
Costume Design and Build: Jessica Clayton
Prop design: Rafael Ruiz
UI Design: Rafael Ruiz, Nicolas Girard, Alex Gee
Hair and Makeup: Shannon Leigh Tallion
Hero Talent: Jenica RatzlaffBG Talent: Iván González

Tendril Director: Chris Bahry
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Leah Wesolowski
Coordinator: Brittany Sheahan
Editor: Alison Gordon
Assistant Editor: Scott Edwards, Oliver Whitfield-Smith
Storyboards: Gabe Sapienza
Concept Art and Lookdev: Chris Bjerre, Vladislav Solovjov, Evaldas Cesnavicius, Toros Kose, Chris Bahry
Head of 3D: Ben Pilgrim
TD Support: Martin Gunnarsson
3D Modeling: Ben Pilgrim, Christian Hecht, Tyrel Scott, Runbo Chen, Marek Denko
3D Animation: Nejc Polovsak, Matt Frodsham, Matias Hansen, Will Sharkey, Martin Gunnarsson, Vlad Solovjov
Look-Dev, Lighting and Render: Nejc Polovsak, Matt Frodsham, Alexandre Veaux, Brad Husband, Vlad Solovjov, Marcelo Souza
Compositing and Colour: Alexandre Veaux, Brad Husband, Chris Bahry

Worship Co-Directors: Nicolas Girard, Rafael Ruiz
Producer: Greg Benedetto
Writer: Caroline Leung
Mood Edit: Nicolas Girard
Concept Art and Lookdev: Nicolas Girard, Rafael Ruiz
3D Animation: Alex Gee, Nicolas Girard
2D Animation: Alex Gee, Rafael Ruiz, Nicolas Girard

Sound Design + Music: CypherAudio