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A G E N T - Passed Out Lyric/Music Video

A G E N T 

"Passed Out"  Lyric Music Video (single with closed captioned lyrics) 

Backstory below video.
Hotel Utah in San Francisco, CA - 9.30.2017 

'Twas a beautiful leaking climax to a great show that night. I bled heavily all over my guitar, Falkor during the end of our set.

Fact: Slippery when wet. It's very hard to hold a pic in your hand while playing with blood dripping from your fingers.

This has been a "normal" occurrence from a "couple" times at shows; slicing my finger on the guitar strings playing hard and fast. So bad, that my band started to take bets if I was gonna bleed or not. It became a joke and part of the mystique at an A G E N T show. 

Alas, this was the most extreme spray of fluids and Falkor, was the canvas. The blood and sweat stains were battle scars and it looked amazing! Like a Jackson Pollock piece, I didn't want to clean it for its magnificent and dynamic look, and thus so, I let it dry overnight. I wanted to keep it for as long as possible, but was told otherwise by friends who cared about any health risks. If I was going to continue using good ol' Falkor something needed to happen.

Six days later, I decided Falkor needed a spa day since it would take a long time to get the dried brown blood off from the body and metal parts. 

Fact: BehOld! I'm an O- blood type. As a universal donor this was a memorable transfusion for my music.

I documented the most of the cleaning with my cell phone as a single shot and speeded up the frame rate to time-up with the song. Finally and used YouTube's close captioning system to add my lyrics. It's simple, raw and gritty backdrop... no more, no less. DIY punk rock, an ethic applied to how I work. 

Fact: I kept the blood stained strings on Falkor as a memento and still play and record with them till this very day as of April, 2018. 


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A G E N T - Passed Out Lyric/Music Video

A G E N T - Passed Out Lyric/Music Video

Passed Out by A G E N T - Lyric Music Video