Observatory houses 
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Visualization |  SKY CG Studio

Typology |  Tourist camping
Location |  Roccascalegna, Italy
Status |  Сompetition project​​​​​​​
Year | 2017
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The project idea is development of integrated space: small village which encompasses simple eco-friendly materials and modern minimalism with the aim of delicate implementation into enviroment andcastle structure.
Area organization designed on purpose to make all types of living structures placed on the periphery, at equal distance from the complex center - skylounge. Observatory houses are united with pathways, where people can stroll on, in the lowland. Contrariwise, the villa towers over the whole territory, giving guests an opportunity to see beautiful view.

Center of the whole complex - skylounge - consists of separated platforms alocated on different levels.
Public area includes book store with Information stand, open restaurant with ith's own kitchen, rest zone and platform with special equipment for observing celestial bodies.
There are specially designed zones for observing the night sky with telescopes in each type if observatory
Observatory cabins and Observatory apartments
Observatory houses
Observatory villa

Architects | Nikita Bragin, Ivan Taradoina, Diana Shteiger
3D Artists | Ekaterina Pozdnyakova, Natalia Zhurikova
Postproduction | Ivan Taradoina


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Observatory Houses