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UX Process for Food Delivery app Design
Problem statement and product vision from a client

Getting a good three meals is a hunt for the wilderness, especially if you don’t live with family. Doing it daily would be an awful waste of time. According to a recent survey in India, 34% of the people eat out two to three times a week, while 27% eat out once a week. About 12% eat out everyday.
Food habits are changing with Indian Millennials:
1. They eat out more often
2. They want healthy food
3. They want different cuisines
With the changing demand, supply of food is not a problem at large. Multiple food delivery applications are now available to order food that is healthy, offers variety and is gastronomically satisfying. Most people use the food delivery applications for at least two meals everyday. That said, this takes up a lot of time, and with the amount of options available, selecting an option is a daunting task. More often than not, they end up ordering an expensive, unhealthy meal

The Idea
Design a mobile application with the sole purpose of feeding the 12% population who order food everyday and end up with a mediocre option, even after wasting a major amount of their time ordering food. The app should allow the user to automate the task of ordering food while specifying his/her eating habits.


Survey result from problem statement
What are the users' demands?
User wants to order varieties in food which is health and gastronomically satisfying.

Important features after competitive analysis
1.  Splash screen with brand logo
2.  Login/Register with email or facebook
3.  Location based restaurants search and nearby restaurants search
4.  Cuisines Filter
5.  Restaurants Menu
6.  Rating and Reviews
7.  Payment option via wallet, cash or online
8.  My Order
9.  Favourite Restaurants
10. My Cart
11. Change Account Details


I believe that If the app allows the user to automate the task of ordering food while specifying his/her eating habits with an order frequency of 2/3 times a day will save time and increase product satisfaction.


Molding the insights from the research into human form.
The large portion of the product users are middle aged people. Middle aged people who are student and busy professional.
Detail about our persona who will use our product are:
1. age 22-32
2. Mainly are unmarried
3. Live alone without family
4. Have limited time
5. Are very good in using phones

User Goal
1. He want to order food at least two meals everyday.
2. He wants to order variety of healthy food with variety of offers and it should be gastronomically satisfying.

User Frustration
1. They take lot of time to order food daily.
2. After wasting their time, they end up ordering expensive and unhealthy meal.
UX Process for Food Delivery app Design

UX Process for Food Delivery app Design

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