Developing a car wash subscription with Circle K

Brite engaged with Circle K to develop and test a car wash subscription service for the Danish market. Due to our nimble way of working, a pilot will be launched in approximately one quarter of the usual time.

"Car wash subscription set a path for a new way for us to work at Circle K. The customer focus and speed of execution was fantastic, and the effort resulted in us being able to speak the same language as IT to get a pilot running."

Charlotte Pedersen, Digital Development Director, Circle K Europe
Our process – from concept to prototype

In order to get a realistic service to test, we drew insight from analyzing both competitors and car wash utilization across Denmark. We also did a deep dive into Circle K's business, its customers, and the car wash service as it is today.

From these insights, we created user personas and a service design flow for Car Wash subscription in addition to exploring different pricing models.

Finally, we designed emails, an app and physical signage for a car wash subscription service in order to test many hypotheses we'd formulated along the way.
Testing with real users in context

We believe it's most important to test a service in its proper context. We tested car wash subscription by doing ride-alongs with 9 Danish customers at a car wash they had previously used and were familiar with.
Transferring the learnings

This is a project that will be taken further by Circle K internally. In order to help this move along as quickly as possible, we created a report that distilled all of our learnings and also took the reader on the same journey we had been on.
Circle K Car Wash Subscription concept development