These shots are a collection of UI / UX conceptual screens that I’ve designed for various client projects. And of course, to be taken seriously as a digital designer, these have to be uploaded to your Dribbble profile - so if you’re interested, you can also check them out here.
As UI / UX designer at my previous agency, I was asked by one of the country’s biggest clothing retailers, to re design the UI for their customer order view. Users needed to, at a glance, see a summary of previous orders, and then be able to drill down into that order. Inspired by pastel shades, card design and the deep drop shadow, I made it more aesthetically appealing and fun (but functional), while staying to the true to the brand ID and product functionality. These “House of Cards” can also be universally appreciated (and implemented) on both iOS and Android.
These are icons I designed, in order to describe my creative process, at the start of new projects. The elements you’ll see, are tailored to tell a visual story of each part of the process. Note the clouds and moon depicting the night sky for the Dream phase, the floating Photoshop and Sketch balloons for Design and finally the visual metaphors of the rockets and packages to symbolise the launching of products during the Delivery stage. You can see these icons in action on various projects throughout my Behance profile.
Geek Streek is a design concept for a game that I put together. So named, because new employees (Geeks) get rewarded with points for completing tasks, one after the other (Streeks). The visual design (done in Illustrator and Sketch) called for fun, vibrant colors and you’ll also see these in the gradients of the lines - which are visual metaphors for Streeks. And yes I do know that Streak has an 'A'  in it. The name I came up with, was a pun.
Thank you for taking the time to view these projects.
Hitesh Jinabhai