As the commencement proceeded with the obvious nonattendance of cook Gaggan Anand's name, it turned out to be evident that the gathering's most loved culinary expert had secured his title against the opposition raj on taj hyde park

Beside Gaggan, the city of Tokyo additionally rose a major victor this year, arrival four spots on the best 10 rundown, and 11 eateries on the positioning general. 
Adjusting the platform are Den and Florilège, both in Tokyo. 

Coordinators credit Anand's "fruitful creative energy" and "culinary mind" for charming him to the judges again this year. 

At Gaggan, which serves dynamic Indian food, the 25-course menu is composed totally in emoticons, setting the tone for whatever remains of the feast: fun loving and current. 
One of Anand's mark dishes, "Lick it up," for example, is a diverting interpretation of the Kiss melody of a similar name and is intended to be licked straightforwardly from the plate. Layers of green peas, fenugreek mushroom and tomato are put in the very same spots on the tongue's taste receptors. 

The positioning depends on the votes of 300 sustenance essayists, faultfinders, culinary experts, restaurateurs, and "gastronomes" in the area. 
Other enormous victors of the night incorporate gourmet specialist Yoshihiro Narisawa, who brought home the Chefs' Choice Award; Nicolas Lambert from Caprice in Hong Kong who was named Asia's Best Pastry Chef; and Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet in Shanghai for the Art of Hospitality Award.​​​​​​​
Culinary expert André Chiang acknowledged his Lifetime Achievement Award and Bee Satongun of Paste in Bangkok likewise acknowledged her honor for Asia's Best Female Chef, both of which were already reported in front of the occasion.