Board Game "Τρωική Εννεάδα" (Trojan Enneada)
This board game is inpired by the myth of Trojan Horse. The meaning of the myth is interwoven with the concept of "being and appearing" ("είναι και φαίνεσθαι") and the difference between the two notions. The design goal is to incorporate the double nature of the object in an entertaining and educational manner. To reach this goal, the designed object can serve as decoration, as well as a board game which is revealed as someone opens the board symbolising the Trojan wall. The semicircular foldable board constitutes a case/game box in which the playing pieces are located and closes like a drawer. Only two players can play the game. 
The "Εννεάδα" (Enneada) is an ancient strategic game originating from ancient Greece, which in our concept takes the form of the Trojan war, with redesigned board pieces. Three squares in increasing size are nested inside one another and are linked by four vertical lines in their sides. The winner of the game is the one who will form "τριόδιν" (three pieces in one line) and leave his opponent with only two pieces left. 
Board Game "Τρωική Εννεάδα"