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    A typeface made from hand-drawn letters found and collected in the streets of Berlin.
During a class-trip to Berlin in April 2012, students were assigned to walk around the city and try to make a collection of something/anything that would initiate a personal project.
Since arriving to Berlin, you can't help but notice that graffiti can be found all around the city. The german capital is also considered to be the capital of european graffiti culture. From underbridge tunnels to 15-storey high buildings the city is covered with hand written letterforms.
My idea for this assignement was to try and collect letterforms from all around the city, as an effort to visualize Berlin's hand-writting and create a display typeface out of it.
After collecting letters that were written by different people, on different surfaces, with different mediums the task was to try and homogenize the found material in order to create a typeface that can be read easily, but also maintain the raw form of its original descent.
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