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    The new script font by Intellecta Design.
Penabico script typeface
an extensive project
I did release Penabico, my new script font. The work was hard, and not finished yet, since I will make many updates and corrections along the next months. Thanks so much for the comments and advices, in the last weeks, in Typophile forum, and other places, concerning my doubts while did make Penabico. So, thanks to Adam Twardoch, Arno Enslin, Buggy, Cristobal Henestrosa, Eili Lindoe (test-user for scandinavian languages), Frode Frank, Gunlaugur Se Brien, Igor Freiberger, Isac (IsacoType), John Hudson, Khaled Hosny, Luc Devroye, Manish Soni, Nick Shinn, Ralf Herman, riccard0, Sigurður Ármannsson, Stephen Coles, Thomas Phinney, quadibloc, and others which I dont remember now.

After 13 months of hard work, Iza W and Intellecta Design are proud to announce Penabico. This is a free interpretation of the copperplate script styles to be found in the Universal Penman.

London, 1741, the monumental publication of engraved work by George Bickham (along with collaborators Joseph Champion, Wellington Clark, Nathaniel Dove, Gabriel Brooks, William Leckey and many others).

This enhanced OpenType version is a complete solution for producing documents and artworks which need this kind of calligraphic script: More…

* 100s of stylistic alternates for each letter (upper- and lowercase), accessed with the glyph palette;

* 250 ornaments and fleurons (mostly in the copperplate roundhand renaissance style) encoded in the dingbats range and accessed with the glyph palette (plus a special set with over 50 of these ornaments accessed with the ornaments feature);

* an extensive set of ligatures (100s of stylistic and contextual alternates plus discretionary ligatures) providing letterform variations that make your designs really special, resembling real handwriting on the page;

* complete, intricate, ready-made calligraphic words;

* abbreviations (in many languages).

The principal font contains the complete Latin alphabet, including Central European, Vietnamese, Baltic and Turkish with all diacritic signs, punctuation marks (including interrobang). The German ‘ß’ (germandbls, eszett, sharp s) even has over six different alternate forms. And we don't forget to add the unconventional germandbls uppercase.

In non-OpenType-savvy applications it works well as an English commercial script style font. Because of its high number of alternate letters and combinations (over 1500 glyphs), we suggest the use of the glyph palette to find ideal solutions to specific designs. The sample illustrations will give you an idea of the possibilities. You have full access to this amazing stuff using InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and similar software. However, we still recommend exploring what this font has to offer using the glyphs palette.

Two last things — we have placed some of the ornaments, catch-words and other material in supplementary fonts, for easier access in non-OpenType-savvy programs. They are: Penabico Words, Penabico Abbreviations (free font), and Penabico Extras (free font). And, when buying Penabico you get the 'Penabico EPS Bonus Set", a gift pack containing various highly intrincated frames in EPS format, easy and ready to work with your preferred vector design software like Corel or Illustrator (see the pdf in the Gallery).

The font is here


However, I appreciate critics, which will be used to increase the font, with updates.

Paulo W
Intellecta Design