Protecting our planet
Today, desertification, water pollution, air pollution, these phenomena are the result of our humanity, just as work on the picture, we treat our side of the plants, animals and the atmosphere, the entire eco-systems are destroyed by us in this works, people and animals I plants interchangeable, with a picture to put everyone awake today to protect the earth is to protect the root of our lives to protect our common homeland is our responsibility, but for our future generations should responsibility not to let our only friend - plants and animals lost their lives.

Grown from the same trees
Racial discrimination is still not completely solved the problem. We who are God's children, trace the origin of human beings, and find the ancestors of human beings, find the origin of life. In fact everyone is equal, just living in different latitude. In this world of buckish, we need to return to think about the most fundamental problems, so that everyone can get the right he should have, and go back to his original position. I hope that this information can change our concepts, and eliminate the negative influence.


In reproduction of organism, all the creatures living on earth can be divided into 2 categories: sexual reproductive and asexual reproductive. Just as there were non-living creatures at the beginning on earth and now are numerous living things, life develops from asexual reproduction to sexual one. The origin of life can well be expained by the philosophy of the Eight Diagrams in The Book of Change – a famous work of Chinese Taoism – “the Promise of Health Tai Chi two appearances”.This explanation helps to raise people’s awareness of showing respect to every other life – no matter a man, an animal or a plant, we are united perfectly as a whole.


Tackling the problem thoroughly
Now every corner of the earth of poverty, disease, death and the phenomenon of hunger, when we spend a huge human, material, to save them, why not think about what is causing these phenomena do occur, we must find them the essence of things. In order to benefit at all costs to the last victim, or whether we ourselves would like us to find the root of things, more efficient and faster have to tackle these problems, let restored to their original purpose.