The idea:
to make the most convenient and intuitive online store. All basic functions are immediately available to the user. Present the product in a good light.
Animation Sketch:
Site Design
Different types of menus.
Menu depends on the type of filling. If a small number of categories, menus with icons, if large - only text.
Directory site permanently secured on all pages to the top of the monitor, the right menu (input, shopping, help), permanently attached to the right side of the monitor to move towards, depending on the screen resolution. Filter - permanently attached to the bottom of the monitor.
When you point to a summary item appears.
When you point to check the window with a description of the shares, discounts, and more.
This picture shows how to scroll the site and which blocks are in place.
Basket site is permanently attached to the right side of the monitor. When you click on the sidebar to open a window on the page where the user is.
Animation site. How it should really work.