Liquipel | Motion Video
 Liquipel Kuwait
- Liquipel is a specialized process that applies a liquid repellent substance to electronic devices.
- We place the device into our proprietary machine which pumps down to create a vacuum, Once the vacuum process is complete, we inject our Liquipel formulation which turns from a liquid to a gas as it enters the chamber. 
In the final step, we introduce plasma which decomposes the liquid repellent molecules polymerizing them to themselves. Once the chamber comes back to atmospheric pressure we then remove your device with no cure time and the process is complete. Liquipel becomes the new surface of your device and its components.
Client: Liquipel Kuwait
Agency: WePlan

Project Manger : Hamdy Mansor
Illustration: Salman Anwar
Animation: Sohib El- Desoky
Presentation: Harry Hussin

Liquipel | Motion Video
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