"Nicosia, the City of Utopia" International Poster Exhibition
1st International Poster Contest by Graphic Stories Cyprus #3, 2017

1st Poster Exhibition: 10-24|03| 2017 Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
2nd Poster Exhibition: 20-27|10|2017 ARTos Foundation

The 51 posters of the exhibition [10-24|03|2017] "Nicosia, the city of Utopia", is the title of the exhibition that included the short-listed works from the first international poster competition organized by Graphic Stories Cyprus. In this competition participated 101 designers from 23 countries from around the world. The creative idea of the competition in relation to the design of the poster, relied on the special architectural character of the fortification walls of Nicosia and in the basic principles of the utopian foundation of a society which are reflected in the Renaissance design of city. The theme of the competition, but also the corresponding exhibition are actions that have as their overarching objective, through the symbolism of the design of fortification walls of Nicosia, to view history, culture, arts and architecture of a city that was and remains to this day a crossroad of cultures, arts and literature and can sight a future without walls and without borders. The exhibition was hosted by the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. The exhibition and the award winners were presented on Friday the 10th of March 2017, on behalf of the Mayor of Nicosia Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis, by the municipal counselor Mrs. Toula Aniftou. The awards were sponsored by the Bank of Cyprus and the Greek company Parachute Fonts. The two winners were, Elisa Baldissera, winner in the professionals category, from Italy and Argyris Athanasiadis, winner in the students category, from Greece.
Winner Poster | Category: Professionals    Elisa Baltissera | Italy
Winner Poster | Category: Students   Argyris Athanasiades | Greece
Naandeyeah García Villegas | México
Nabil Mendjeli | Algeria
- part B | the poster -
Nabil Mendjeli | Algeria
- part A | the postcard -
Francesca Ceccarelli | Italy 
Francesco Mazzenga | Italy
Dan Warner | USA
Tommaso Taraschi | Greece
Mario Fuentes | Equador
Sina Afshar | Iran
Anna Kallis | Cyprus
Arafat Al-Naim | Dubai
Corn Studio | Greece
Michael Varelias | Cyprus
Andreas Pitsillides | Cyprus
Marios Toufexis | Cyprus
Nikita Sapozhkov | Russia
Edyta Kurc | Poland
Irwan Harnoko | Indonesia
Stelios Papamichael | Cyprus
Efi Stathi | Greece
Theano Karafoulidou | Cyprus
Reka Maroti | Hungary
Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez | México
Rouslan Aboutin | Cyprus
Evros Voskarides | Cyprus
Manos Gallios | Cyprus
Patryk Krygowski | Poland
Katya Yumasheva | Russia
George Klitou | Cyprus
Toshifumi Kawaguchi | Japan
Luca Fattore | Italy 
Elena Tressou | Greece
Maria Matsouka | Cyprus
Mónica Dávalos Avila | México
Nikoleta Panagoulakou | Greece
Adrianos Kyriacou | Cyprus
Charalampos Vikelides | Greece
Felipe Jácome López | Ecuador
Jacek Tofil | Poland
Maria Panayi | Cyprus
Paulius Petrauskas | Lithuania
Fabian Emmanuel Muñoz Rodriguez | México
Nick Petrenitis | Greece
Elisavet Athanasiou | Cyprus
Soudabeh Memarzadeh | USA
Natasha Mozz | USA
Zara Dar Arakelian | Cyprus
Andreas Demetriou | Cyprus
Andria Andreou | Cyprus
Anna Mavropoulou | Greece
Nicosia, the City of Utopia - 101 Designers | 23 Countries
Nikos Gazetas  Utopia - Uphoria - Unity
Rob Snow  Break the Divide
Nicosia, the City of Utopia

Nicosia, the City of Utopia

The 51 + 2 posters of the International Poster Exhibition "Nicosia, the city of Utopia", organized by Graphic Stories Cyprus 2017.


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