Hill's™ Science Diet™ Perfect Weigh

Our pets have become an essential part of our family. With their tricks they have won our affection and love. Because of it, we opted to spoiled them by giving them little snacks without knowing that those small samples of affection represent great risks for their health, like overweight: an increasingly common problem in dogs and cats.

Hill's™ Pet concerned about the health of your pet launches in Mexico: Science Diet™ Perfect Weight, a product that takes care of the weight and well-being of your pet through a balanced diet.

We created a campaign based on the insight where animals lose mobility when they are too fat; this thought arose the idea of creating some prints that show pets with so much overweight that they are mistaken with a piece of furniture in the house. In this way we sensibilize the owners to take care of their pet's food and thus avoid this problem.

The campaign was launched on Hill's ™ social networks and also some prints were placed in different points of contact, reaching the hearts of the owners so they could transform the lives of their pets through Hill's ™ Science Diet™.


Client: Hill's Pet Nutrition México
Advertising Agency: VML México
Visual Studio: GravityCam
Head of Creativity: Alejandro Villanueva
Head of Art: Rodolfo López
Creative Director: Rafael Huicochea
Art Director: Jonathan Tesmaye
Art Director: Marisol Figueroa
Account Director: Erick Abdala
Project Manager: Nayeli Hornelas

Hill's Perfect Weight