be simple.
A simple project designed to SEBRAE-2012 Awards and for visualisation experience.
Ideations by Felipe Minutti, Guilherme Colosio e Guilherme Lopes
identity by Felipe Minutti
Sketchs, Visualisation​ and 3D by Guilherme Lopes Pedro

Analyzing the current packaging of honey, you realize that one of the biggest difficulties that brings a pack of honey, is to be able to extract all of its contents without loss, buildup or dryness of the same, and in many cases, do not have a place appropriate to hold the utensil used for direct contact with food (spoons, rods for honey, etc.). generating loss product, is used to wash the cutlery or place it on a surface, "dirtying it." In other instances the food is accommodated in the corners of the package, which also generates some loss when the package is not malleable.
In analysis of these difficulties and needs of the user, Tubee, is a packaging designed so that there is maximum and more hygienic as honey, because it keeps the rod honey in the act of closing the package, however, the packaging is flexible , prompting the user to squeeze it at the end of the food.
Symbolically, the user has direct contact with your product, to see him through the plastic translucent and slightly rough to touch the surface of the packaging referring the viscosity of honey.
Produced in two pieces of plastic (polycarbonate or bio PET)  the body of the package can be manufactured by extrusion and the lid by injection. Tampa and join pipe threaded. Another option is adaptable to the production of turning the rod honey in a third part, joined by a screw cap.
Together, the packaging Tubee trasem for a differential use of space, once placed in positions contrary, provides a good fit for stacking, so a transport safer, reducing losses by damage to merchandise. For the same reason differently and their mode of use, induces and encourages the reuse of the same, reducing the disposal of packaging firsthand.
This is my first attempt at product visualization and I desire to grow more in this area. Enjoy.