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    Freelance - technology
New technological breakthrough / Freelance  Chair :)

You probably spend more time in front of the computer in order to finish your tasks on time. You end up sitting on the chair for hours which leads to a multitude of problems with your health while also wasting time over obsolete movement. With the "Freelance  Chair" those problems are over.

1. 3D Sound, start listening to your favourite music so work becomes pleasure.

2. Leather leaner proven by medicine not to have a negative influence over your health.

3. Operating the chair is realized through a Playstation-like joystick so that you can learn to use it faster

4. Outlet tubes releasing your "dirty angers".

5. Refrigerator with cold beverages and food.

6. Sport tires enduring even the minimized motion of the chair.

7. Adjustable foot leaners fits your height perfectly.

8. Seat - no need to get up and waste important time going to the toilet.

9. Fan (optional) - for those of you who do not posses an AC.
Let's have fun while working. Enjoy ;)