TBI is a term understood by all involved in its suffering. Superimposing the large letters onto the colorful image connected the two.
This layout portrayed several families' military connection. The opening segment featured Civil War General Braxton Bragg and the old paper look and retro frame gave it that old-timey feel.
General Petraeus was interviewd by Paula Broadwell. This story ran just before the scandalous story broke.
I combined a graphic of the National Guard Minuteman onto a modern war scene, tying together the history of the Guard for this cover of the USO's OnPatrol magazine.
A day that will live in infamy. I used historic photos of Pearl Harbor and put it all together in an old-fashioned newspaper-like layout that mirrored the times.
The layout of this piece mirrored the hectic day of our servicemen's day in the Middle East.
Frank Buckles was the last of our WWI Doughboys. Using the large photo illustrated his longevity and his steely resolve.
The photo says it all.
Women have served in our armed forces since our nationa's beginning. This timeline illustrated their service as American heroes for more than 200 years.
It was a grey time and the high-contrast grey layout framed General Eisenhower and his men perfectly.
Presenttion one-sheet for the Sesame Street Workshop and the USO.
A black background was the perfect backdrop to allow the stunning image to carry the spread.
HGTV-style layout.
I gave this layout a Monopoly boardgame feel to illustrate the Spy Games.
I modeled this layout after Life magazine. The grainy 1940s photo seemed to lend itself to a retro look.
This was the graphic that was used to produce a challenge coin.