When someone tells you that you can hold a world on a palm of your hand - 
that is not just a saying. It is true!
We want to introduce you one of the most special projects by now - Opus Mind. 
Why so special? Because it involved 4 cities to finish it - 
Florence, Riga, Los Angeles and San Francisco!!!

Let’s start!
Opus Mind

Initial task for this project was to create visual strategy for promoting new project called Opus Mind, that is based in San Francisco. 

OPUS MIND is a mission based brand committed to MINDFUL PRACTICES while creating designed goods for the likeminded individual.

A natural gemstone plated with copper to enhance the vibrations, MINDSTONE focuses the intention of the meditation and increases the success of a mindful practice.

Recycled leather goods
Recycled handbag as an environmental friendly bag for the corporate individual
The one who is concerned about global warming and their own carbon footprint
1. Florence

As first step of creating visual story was visiting bag’s factory in beautiful Florence (Italy). 
It was a great pleasure to be there and see first steps of product prototyping! 
You can see some of the shots from the factory.
We had some samples ready, so we decided to give it a try and take photos in this beautiful cityscape! 
We kept on looking for great spots even in our airbnb space, which had great concrete flooring!
2. Los Angeles

Second phase of the work was visiting stone factory based in LA.
And as with Florence, we took a chance to see how products look like in relaxed beach and downtown atmospheres.
Since we had all the prototypes by then, we also took lookbook photos 
(guess where? Correct - in airbnb place)
3. Riga

Third step was one of the most important one - we figured out the unique look of the stones, so they can show charisma, depth and style. 
4. San Francisco

Fourth step was a trip to San Francisco, where the whole story of mindfulness in terms of Opus Mind started! 

This time we’ve created lookbook shots for website catalogue, using deep shadows and regular shots, to keep it simple but still show their character.
As well as we started to create more complicated sets for deeper integration of Opus Mind products (you can see some of them)
And final part was creating lifestyle shots showing brand’s contemporary look.

Visual strategy

After all these trips we finally had all the information for initial launch of this startup (visually covering production and style direction), but as in any branding - it's a never-ending story, so more visuals to come!

Personal and backstage photos

Some may wonder why i make all my presentations so transparent with all the descriptions. I really hope that my experience and attitude to work, showing that you can create something decent without fancy studios or props, but with only power of your imagination and set of skills! 
Opus Mind (Florence, LA, San Francisco)

Opus Mind (Florence, LA, San Francisco)

Branding and visual strategy for San Francisco based project Opus Mind