Identity Branding - Annalyn
Personal Identity Branding 
Annalyn Markley
Aesthetic Mood Board
I wanted my personal brand to reflect my own interests which, if combined, I would describe as pink, vintage magic. 

Imagery and Text Mood Board
For the imagery and text, I want to have midcentury influences with pops of color. 
Letterhead Mood Board
Traveling is also a big interest of mine. So to add a fun and interesting twist, I plan on making my branding look like different traveling documents (tickets, postcards, luggage tags, itineraries, etc.).
Type Layout #1
For my first type layout I used Abril Fatface for the header (71pt, Regular), Oswald for the subheader (30 pt, Light), and Oswald for the paragraph (18pt, Extra Light).
Type Layout #2
For my second type layout I used Escafina for the header (80pt, Low), Arvil for the subheader (36pt, Regular), and Arvil for the paragraph (27pt, Regular).
Type Layout #3
For my third type layout I used Chromaletter for the header (140pt, Combo), Josefin Sans for the subheader (18pt, Regular, All Caps), and Josefin Sans for the paragraph (32pt, Light).
Logo Sketches
I want my logo to be simple but also shape based to represent my art style.
Clean Logos
I chose these three designs to make into a final logo.
Business Cards
I wanted my business cards to look as though they were luggage tags. On the backside I included one of the patterns I created to quickly show my illustration skills. 
Thank You Cards
For my thank you cards, I decided to use the same pattern I used on my business cards but change the wording. To go with the travel theme, I made my cards postcards rather than the traditional card layout.
I decided to use a vintage camera app to take my flatlays. I wanted to give my branding a fun texture and color element with the older filter. The effect also plays well with the the already existing textures I had with the cotton blend papers, concrete floor, and wooden clipboard. 
Final Branding Board
Presentation Board
My overall branding, I believe reflects what I originally wanted it to portray: pink vintage magic. There are small homemade details in my final products that are particularly my style (Ex: Hand cut and tied business cards, personalized envelopes, and laser cut pocket promos), while also feeling very put together and professional.
Self Promo Video 
To watch on Vimeo click here
Identity Branding - Annalyn

Identity Branding - Annalyn



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