Field of Study Report: Labels
Field of Study Report: Labels

Design    Wei-Chia Teng
Year        December 2016
Photography     Yang Wei


When I come to a new environment or approach new people, I am filled with curiosity and excitement. By giving people memorable labels with my first instinct and stereotypes, “labelling” is one of my ways to capture and understand people I meet for the first time. At the same time, I am also curious about the intangible labels existing amongst us.

There are 3 chapters, the first chapter gives a literal and metaphorical explanation by pointing out tangible and intangible labels. The second chapter is to hold a discourse for different perspectives, by assembling people’s point of view toward labelling, whom specialized in different fields. And, the last chapter is about an experimental interview, 17 people involved, including my friends and my classmates. The questions are mainly about the label they have been given and how they feel about being labeled.

The purpose is to challenge the definition of labelling that people hold with negative stereotypes, by discussing the positive and negative sides. However, the field of labelling is far more extensive and deep. The report is not comprehensive enough, so it is only used for personal research.


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