Face Value - The Dark Side of Emojis
Made for April Fools Day 2018, Face Value explores the dark side of the emojis that we love and use.

The filmmakers set out to discover the history of these humble smiling faces, but in doing so stumbled upon a wealth of corruption that reaches into the echelons of power across the globe.

Featuring an abundance of painstakingly researched archive footage and exclusive interviews with sources and whistleblowers throughout the industry, the film reveal shocking and systematic abuses of trust inside our very pockets.

The teaser, to be released on April 1st, 2018, provides a tantalising glimpse of the full expose which will have a full theatrical run from the 31st November 2018.
All press enquiries to be directed to the press team info@privateisland.tv
Credits: Helen Power, Chris Boyle, Additional voice work, Darren Altman.
Created by first time documentary team Helen Power and Chris Boyle, with funding from Private Island, Face Value explores the hidden dark side of the emojis that we all love and use.