Ella Dining Room & Bar

Ella Dining Room & Bar serves ‘ModernAmerican Bistro’ cuisine. The owners wanted the restaurant to become‘Sacramento’s living room’, an urban oasis where lawmakers and other diners cango and unwind after a long day’s work.
The design objective for Ella’s is: create abrand that embodies the principles of ‘Rustic Luxury’, and that celebrates anelegant, relaxed contemporary lifestyle. ‘Rustic luxury’ is a synonym forpurity, the essential beauty and goodness contained in simple things. It isabout the pleasure and sensuality of real materials, and about the inherentcomfort of a natural, effortless style. ‘Rustic luxury’ is not a simplisticreduction. It is the magical crystallization of two apparent opposites,simplicity and complexity. Rustic Luxury, as defined by Ella’s, offers itsguests an experience that combines the simple and natural pleasures of diningat a dear friend’s home, at their tabled’hôte or host’s table.

The “Host’s Table” is a French tradition ofeating in the kitchen while the chef is preparing dinner. It is a verywelcoming and intimate experience, usually reserved for honored guests andclose friends. The owners of Ella wanted to create that level of intimacy attheir restaurant. UXUS cleverly opened the kitchen to the dining area with 2 largecommunal tables forming the table d’hôte area.Diners can experience the thrill of watching the chefs at work, and taste theresults of their culinary efforts.
All of these elements come together at EllaDining Room & Bar to form an intimate and convivial dining experience, theembodiment of “Rustic Luxury” right at the heart of California’s State Capital.