Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi
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“Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi” is Junmai Daiginjo sake provided by Iinumahonke, a sake brewery located in Shisui, Chiba Prefecture (“Haru” in Haruzake means “spring”, and “Zake” means “sake”). It is a seasonal product and produced every year. tegusu reviewed the product concept and the sales target, renewed the bottle design, and produced print media, etc., to be used for distribution channels.


A new concept for Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi is “sake for unique encounters.”
Spring is considered the time for new encounters in Japan. The brewer’s hope is for people who are not familiar with Japanese sake to taste this sake as their “first bottle,” and celebrate their new encounter with sake. The concept was created based on this idea. A flamboyant aroma that arises right after you open the bottle. It has a deep body with a light sparkling fresh taste. The delicate balance of aroma and body will be a good starting point for a positive impression of Japanese sake.


Just like the way friendships grow gradually, the flavor of “Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi” changes. A young and fresh taste right after you open the bottle will turn into a mellow flavor characterized with its full bodiness and sweetness.  The transition of sake quality will be overlapped with the change of seasons, the time that passes by, or a deepening bond with sake-drinking buddies, while you are immersed in spring. This gives a new aspect to how people enjoy Japanese sake.


Cherry blossom petals are used for the bottle design. There are not flowers in full bloom, but just falling petals, making people reflect on the change of seasons and the passing time. Light pink is used uniformly in promotional tools as well as on the bottle to represent the euphoria of spring. 

Client : 株式会社飯沼本家
Producer :  株式会社アンカーマン
Planner, CD, AD : 藤田雅臣(株式会社tegusu)

Client : Iinumahonke Inc.
Producer : Anchorman Inc.
Planner, CD, AD : Masaomi Fujita(tegusu Inc.)

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Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi

Kinoene Haruzake Kanbashi



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