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    Defuse me_ Android Game by Galiksoft
"Defuse me" is a new game for android!
You have to be quick. Soon you will be addicted on tapping the screen to defuse the bombs. Feel pressure to prevent a bomb burst.
The goal is to defuse as many bombs as you can. Bombs appear in the screen with a counter showing the time remaining before they explode. Defuse the bombs before their counter reaches 0 - Tap each bomb to defuse it.
If you don't defuse one bomb before its time ends, it explodes and the game is over! SO, BE QUICK!!!
At each bomb you defuse, a new bomb appear in a random position in the screen, and additional bombs appear time to time.
Do not tap the pink bombs...if you tap them, they explode and the game is over!
To help you, sometimes appear the defusion kit and the stopwatch.
Tap the defusion kit to automatically defuse and eliminate from one (1) to 80% of the bombs.
Tap the stopwatch to add time to all bombs in the screen. Also, the appearance of new additional bombs is retarded and new bombs counter come with more time.
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