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    The new image campaign for Dixy retail stores
Dixy is one of the biggest retail chain. The brand is based on the unique strategic platform developed by Saatchi Russia. It sounds as "Good neighbor is back". Dixy as a good neighbor is always located nearby. You don't need to take a car to get it so you could visit it everyday to buy some everyday meal of consistently high quality. 
The aim of the new image campaign was to support the "good neighbor" strategy and to shift the focus from low-budget audience to a middle-weight one. 
Now all the Dixy campaign has turned into series of the good neighbors met in their favorite store. 
Creative director: Stuart Robinson
Account director: Maxim Kouznichenkov
Account executive: Julia Kalugina
CW: Tanya Moseeva
AD: Alexander Bazhenov
Agency producer: Medea Arshba
Production: Bazelevs
Director: Michael Baumbruck
Producer: Lera Baburina
Post production producer: Yana Sverdlova
Composer: Oleg Karpachev
Singer: Yana Sverdlova
Lyrics: Tanya Moseeva