Designer: Fangning Pan, Chencheng Tong, Jitao Jiang



The brand communication strategy of 2017 China Academy of Art Multidimensional Design Studio Graduation Exhibition strive for maximizing branding communication and building our own branding. This project aims to the design and the strategy of branding of Multidimensional Design Studio, Grade 2013, Graduation Exhibition. Through integrating information systematically, using multi-media propagates our design works artistically. 

"Healthcare", is the core concept of this graduation exhibition. "Dimension", reflects the characteristics of Multidimensional Design Studio. "Healthcare Dimension" aims to show the students of Multidimensional Design Studio attention, understanding and thinking, about the current medical environment, the disadvantaged groups, healthy living and other aspects. And besides, "Healthcare Dimension" aims to re-imagine health products, services and interventions to maximize functioning and promote dignity and well-being across the life-course. We break through the limitation of traditional graphic design language and function. At the same time, we embrace the tides of new age of the weak care, demand creation and multi-culture firmly. Through our own design work, we give answers about what can visual communication design do for the development of information age.


In the choice of color, the twisted clock and other patterns uses the pink and white of the modern medical staff, that is, the color of the nurse's overalls. Besides, the color is matched with a blue color of trust and internationality to present the atmosphere and situation of the main visual of the exhibition.

Pattern Design
Poster & Brochure

The inspiration of the major visual elements are based on twisty and melting clocks and the five sense organs, which all come from a famous contemporary art work of a surrealism artist, Dali. The image of the five sense organs convey the concept of looking, listening, questioning, and feeling the pulse, which are also called four diagnostic methods in traditional Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, we add the concept of time, which means the fourth dimension in four-dimensional space. In addition, the poster can be folded as a booklet. The reverse of the poster include nine group of students’ graduation design works from Multidimensional Design Studio.​​​​​​​

Derivative Design

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