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    My entry in the design contest "Beefeater Creative Challenge"
Design contest by Beefeater Gin. I had two entries, the one called “The Heart” was one of the ten finalists. The idea derives from what Beefeater themselves refers to as the heart, which is the middle cut in the distillation process, taking away the tops and the tails. Also, Beefeater Gin is the only gin brand still being produced in London. As the bottle itself says: “Distilled in the Heart of London”. I depicted a old heart from a 18th century medical book, giving a wink to the “Gin Craze” which took place in beginning of the 18th century.
My other entry was inspired by the crows living at the Tower of London. Sometimes called the "real" Beefeaters since they are fed raw meat daily. Their wings have been clipped to prevent them from flying any longer distances. I was also inspired by Alexander McQueen's feather dress.