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CSWD Master Plan Summary Report

Master Plan Summary Report
12-Page Master Plan Summary Report for Crystal Springs Water District

Created in Collaboration with Frey Resource Group for Crystal Springs Water District, Odell, Oregon.  (Front Cover and two spreads of six)

Crystal Springs Water District is located in a rural community with water fed from a natural
spring near Mt. Hood. The water system was over 70 years old and in serious need of
repair, upgrade and expansion due to growth demands of the area. The report was designed to speak to the local residents, explaining the history of the water system,
it's present condition and the immediate need for water rate increases to fund the much
needed repairs, upgrades and expansion. The report was mailed to all rate-payers in
the area served by the water district. The report was successful in educating the rate-payers in a friendly and easy to understand way—it was positively received by the
CSWD Master Plan Summary Report

CSWD Master Plan Summary Report