Target audience: People in Hong Kong , especially those who always drink bottled water

Message: Don’t drink bottled water, action after you drink –please recycle

To let people to think about their behavior with bottled water.
To aware that bottled water wastes lots of energy.
To save the earth by what I can do.
Water is the most important thing in our life, especially when you are out of town, and you feel thirsty, you must buy a bottled water.
Bottled water is very popular in HK. You can buy different kinds of bottled water everywhere. We buy everyday, and make tones of waste everyday.
Do you know the landfill in HK will be full soon? Recently, it's a controversial topic in HK.
Do you heard about Garbage Patch in Pacific Ocean? The plastic you wasted may throw to there and stay there at least 100-1000 years.
Plastic bottle is one of waste to cause the pollution because of the human being.
Nowadays, The environment in HK gradually improves. Hong Kong government strives for implementing environmental protection. However, most people in HK don’t know / use the 3-colored classification. If you are one of them, you don’t only pollute the environment, but also waste lots of energy.
The story is about the life cycle of the bottled water with statistic. It focuses on plastic bottles mainly. And it tells the fact that, the bottled water wastes lots of energy in its life cycle, and of coz it may not healthy for us, even the earth. So could it be said that we don’t drink water? Definitely no! Is there any solution to reduce the plastic bottles? The container may change the material or to be recyclable. Actually, the most effective way to reduce plastic bottle is the human being – what do you do with the plastic bottles?
Here is the development: