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Four Ways To Improve Your SEO Campaign
In the ever changing world of marketing, and in particular SEO marketing, it can sometimes feel like you are constantly being given new tips and strategies and it can be hard to determine what is a good strategy and what is just white noise. We have curated this list to include four time-tested strategies that will help you build your SEO campaign to last, and with none of the usual gimmicks. These tips are based on the thoughts of some of the best minds in the business, not simply a flash in the pan idea that hasn't been thoroughly tested.
TIP ONE: Create (and stick to) A Big Picture Vision
I know it can be easy to fall in the trap of focusing your SEO program on scoring quick, easy and tiny victories -- but one of the most important things to consider when crafting your SEO campaign is to have a big vision and stick to it. A good SEO campaign is about more than trying a plethora of risky strategies you've heard something about but have never personally tried. If you spend your time carefully crafting the unique foundation of your SEO campaign you'll be less tempted to try out strategies that don't contribute to developing your (or your client's) business. After all, SEO is a growing field and business executives aren't going to waste time with a plan that doesn't have an achievable end goal.
TIP TWO: Remember It's All About Revenue
Another all-too-common trap SEO marketers fall into is to focus on volatile statistics such as Cost Per Click (CPC). Remember, when an executive hires you it is not because they simply want their CPC numbers to look prettier, they hired you because they want a SEO campaign that is going to positively impact their bottom line. Focus on generating revenue otherwise you can go crazy studying the most minute of statistics. Develop a plan that will make the business more profitable above all else -- it is really that simple.
TIP THREE: Be Willing To Adapt
When a business hires you to run their SEO program they are clearly impressed with your personal set of skills, that does NOT mean that you can pack it in with your usual generic plan. If you think you can just reuse and old plan verbatim, you're most likely wrong. Run a top-down audit of the site and their outreach program and then think up specific steps that you want to implement. SEO is NOT a one-size-fits-all field.
TIP FOUR: Be Smart About Brand Building 
It is a simple law of marketing that the brand you're buying from matters, if the company you're hiring from is a new company without brand recognition don't act like you can simply walk in and create a brand identity -- these things take time. Even if you can get the business to be listed first on a search engine, it isn't going to mean anything if the second result is a more trusted brand. Focus on things you can control: raising domain authority, and slowly building up brand recognition. If you think you can be an SEO guru that doesn't focus on long-term brand building you simply aren't going to land big clients.
As I mentioned earlier, the field of SEO is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. But the realities of SEO are remarkably simple: it takes time to develop a grand plan, and then constant work to update and curate the plan to deliver results.