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Social Stances Create Links
As a company, taking a social stand on a topic is not something to just hop on the bandwagon with, but it can be extremely beneficial to a company if done with experts and handled well. When a company takes a social stand on a topic, there is always added SEO benefits, which in return, benefit a company. There are several things to consider and take into account before announcing a social claim.

A recent study found the 59 percent of Americans would boycott a brand for its political stance, and that percentage is even higher among millennial. The closer the millennial is to age 18, the more likely they are to be conscious of the brand's political standing. Other studies have found that women tend to care more about an organization's social standing than men. Why are these studies important? Because these are the people who must be taken into consideration when preparing to take a social stance. Knowing the brand's audience is so important.

When a brand understands their audience, sales sky-rocket and the amount of links is astronomical. Yes, all customers have value to an organization, but it's the core customer that must be taken into consideration. How does an organization understand their audience and more importantly their core customer? SEOs.
One of the first things to do is invite an SEO to assist the business. SEOs are underestimated a lot of the time. They however, offer insightful information to benefit a company. SEOs are the number one source for understanding the business's audience.

Understanding the customers allows businesses to understand there will be many customers who agree and also many who do agree. This is how SEO's and links are created for the company. The people who agree will share the news with other people, increasing SEOs. On the other hand, those who do not agree will also share the announcement with other people and add more SEOs. From the SEO standpoint, it is a win-win situation.

When the organization is smart in their decisions and the social stand they take, they will lose some customers, but the SEO benefit will far outweigh the customer loss.
When forming a decision to take a social stand, it should be a priority to take a unique standing. The more unique the statement, the more links are created. For example: If a company were to announce they supported the #MeToo movement (which is a good thing to do), it is not unique and would gain for less links than if they were to announce they would no longer be hiring people who support LGBTQI+ people. This would create a big stir in things and become a large topic on social media. This is an extreme (and illegal) example, but that's how it works.

On the topic of social media; most social stands that are announced not only gain popularity on social media, but are often shared on reputable social media sites as well as news sites. This drastically increases the links and SEOs.

The decision to take a social stance should be a carefully planned decision, and can cause a big stir in a company. It however, if done well, can help the company rise to new heights.