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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Every picture tells a story. People rely more on imaging now these days than they do with actual words. Your links need to tell a story too. The needs to be a reason why the link brings a visitor to your site. The link needs to play an intricate part in your business. This goes for every link you use, including the backlinks.

Do you want to create inbound links and add visuals to make the effect more prominent?

You have to have a goal. Do you have a goal?"
Kit, Pretty Woman
1) You need to be the authority on the images you use. You need to be the leader, not the follower. Stock photos are good to use but do not take advantage of it. Remember, stock photos are there to use, but you are not the originator of the content. You are simply using one to state your case.

Your images need to keep people engaged and be taken seriously, but not too seriously. You need to give credit where credit is due. Stock photos need a code to link to where you got them. Those who do not use an embedded code are stealing someone else's work.

You also need to choose a site that is credible for your stock images, just as you do with your links. Linking your site to a broken backlink and image will prove to be disastrous. Choosing credible sites shows your authority on the subject.
2) Keywords are important. You should choose words that other bloggers will search. Do some research. Find out what keywords are used most often in regards to your given topic. Use the same keywords in your copy too. That is one instance where copying and pasting are considered a good thing to do. There may be others in your niche group using the same words and images. You can look for patterns and adjust your site towards the same rules.

FYI: Some of you may not use external links with your images on your home site. You do need to give the image credit though. Others list the external embedded code somewhere beneath the image. This shows the source of the image and the credit of the originator. You should copy this pattern moving forward.
3) There will be others using your original image as you do theirs. Some of them will give you credit and others will not. You should reach out to the people not giving you credit because that is bad for business. You give someone else credit and they need to do the same.

The last thing you want to do is make threats of any kind. They will more than likely remove the image before they give you credit.

Solution: Google your image using the camera icon in the URL box. Copy and paste your URL image into the box and hit submit. The results will bounce back the results. Ask them nicely to list you in the credits.
4) Do you want to see an increase in sharing on social media? You need to use one image for every 100 words.