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    Commissioned by Abec11 and Sk8Trip Distribution.
The Maryhill experience is a journey that every skater should take. Our ride begins in Huntington Beach and ends at Maryhill Loops Road in Washington, with several skate sessions along the way. Coverage includes race day action of the IGSA World Cup Downhill Skateboarding Race. Get on the bus and ride - it's another Sk8Trip to Maryhill!
The trusty Blue Bird bus. Hasn't let us down....yet.
Nick Ronzani (above) signature staylefish
Mount Shasta, Ca
Kata Bags continue to keep my gear safe and sound from anything we encounter while on the road. When it comes to peace of mind about $1,000's worth in cameras and lenses, I trust Kata. These are amazing bags!
Check them out below:
Levi Green (above) getting close to the lens at a rainy day slide session.
Pam Diaz (above) is one of the coolest girl skaters I know. She's got more stoke and heart for the sport than anyone I know...except for the Yuppie family maybe. She kills it with her freeride and downhill skills, progressing the image for females in the sport around the globe.
Bryn Jones (above) up close and personal.
Levi Green (above) about to take an inside line.
The crowd continues to grow every year at IGSA and similar downhill events. Longboard events such as Maryhill Festival of Speed provide an exscuse for natives, as well as foreigners, to come together to expand the community and strengthen the foundation of the sport. At the rate it's growing, there will be an opportunity for downhill skateboarding to become a widely accepted and legalized activity...BUT it will take each and every person involved to make that happen.