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    Federação Portuguesa de Associações de Surdos (Portuguese Federation of Deaf People): Learn to Listen Advertising Campaign
"Stay cool, this isn’t a robbery. It’s a T."
"Hang Loose? Yes, but this is a Y."
"Thumbs up if you know this is a B."
Portuguese sign language has 26 letters. Together they form a vocabulary shared by more than 80.000 people that can talk your ears off just by using their hands. Don’t miss out, join
the conversation. Deaf people speak Portuguese too. Learn to listen.
To raise awareness for Portuguese sign language we created a print campaign that mixed everyday gestures with the way they are interpreted by deaf people. The goal was to show how easy and familiar sign language can be.
Art Directors: Ricardo Martins, João Peral, Alexandre Soares
Copywriter: Luís Leal Miranda
Photographer: Pedro Janeiro
Thank You.