Mausoleo - Producciรณn Sonora
Mausoleoย is a colombian based audio producer runed by one of the colombian underground sound leader: Mauricio Vela Garavito AKA Mr. Mortis. He works asย audioย band consulter, sound designer and music producer for musicians and advertising agencies. So, what turns a word like Mausoleo into a sound producer word mark like this?
This word (Mausoleum in english) recalls for the perfect acoustic place, better than a cathedral. Besides od this,ย is a spin-off of the Mortis band name, Salidos de la Cripta (Fled from the crypt). His interest on dark sounds and lugubrious topics turned into a powerful naming. He asked to me for a visual representation of his dream, so the challenge was given. Then, the brand's values investigation has become. I detected sound purity, conciseness and energy. How can I represent a cool name without it looking dated?
The answer was found by a great friend, Pedro Castillo (a tattoo artist). A flying lyre with bat wings give the dark humor,ย kind-of-gothic and psychobilly look. The main font (Ibarra Real) come as a reminder of the word mark: this is the type work you can find on a tombstone.ย The final brand system is a little bit minimal, just as emphasizing as the mauricio's work: you won't get anything more than the pure sound.

Project: Branding
Art directionย |ย Graphic design: David Espinosa
Illustration: Pedro Castillo
Mausoleo Brand Work