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    Illustration commissioned by Civilization Magazine {Copenhagen, December 2011}.
Illustration commissioned by Civilization Magazine 
{Copenhagen, December 2011}. This digital collage 
is based on the Icelandic folk tale of Barnafoss and 
features both landscape photography as well as 
satellite footage.
Is possible to buy limited edition prints of this
illustration from Atelier Olschinsky Art Store.
‘The boys were frightened and they held hands
to cross the river. Things went well until they reached
the stone arch and looked down into the maelstrom
below. They grew so dizzy looking down into the eddies
that they feel from the bridge in the river and drowned

...The waterfall has been identified with this event 
ever since, and is now known as Barnafoss, 
Children’s Falls.’
Civilization, Issue n.1, December 2011