"Industry" hall at "Russia in The Future" exibition.
Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" (Moscow), Russian Federation.

Our team had been worked over this project from the point of the hall concept development to the point of building decorations, from working out the scenarios to programming. We have created graphic and video content for 17 screens, interactive content for 10 touch panels (including the test "Your Future Profession") and interactive table projection "The United Digital Space 4.0RU".
General Producer:          Shuvalov Anatoliy
Creative Producers:        Islamgirov Ibragim, Ponomarenko Alexandra
Copywriters:                    Islamgirov Ibragim, Taranyuk Arina
Supervisor:                      Medvedev Aleksandr
Motion Designers:           Levchenko Aleksandr, Suvorov Aleksandr, Marakov Pavel, Shmatko Andrey,
                                        Nikolaev Aleksandr, Timoshenko Pavel

3D Designers:                  Barinov Sergey, Rustamov Anar, Pokladenko Maxim
Illustrator:                         Toltinova Olga, Pankratov Anton
Editors:                            Kazakov Dimitriy, Shuvalov Dmitriy
Design Artists:                  Grechko Denis, Fomin Ivan
Programmer:                    Bespalko Evgeniy
Producer:                         Shuvalova Evgeniya
Director Of Photography:  Grigoriev Andrey
“Russia in The Future” exhibition