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    Art direction, photography, branding and web design for the new italian brand NAM.
Art direction, branding, photography and web design.
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NAM is a link. NAM links tremendous italian people. People you probably do not see much around because they are busy running their small shops, warriors of every day's life, addicted by their own passion: their jobs. They do not pursue high incomes but the perfection in what they do. They use their hands to shape the best materials. They usually work all day, some nights and often many weekends. They usually are doing the job of their grandfathers in the same little shop where they grow up helping since young. 
NAM is tradition, passion and hard everyday work. NAM links tailors, carpenters, ceramic makers , designers; those you do not see to fancy parties, those who always are shy to show you how good they are, and they are all in extinction: All their knowledge, all their abilities and their attitude are disappearing because they do not have access to the global market. NAM is this access and NAM links them all. 
NAM is unique handmade products made by unique people.