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    Got bored of my current branding, as all designers do. So I created a new one. With meaning :)
If you are a designer, and reading this, you will understand nothing you ever do for yourself is good enough. And if it is, give it a week and it will need changing again. Or it won't be good enough anymore, or up to date, or the wrong colours...
The battle goes on. After only a couple of weeks of doing a new site for myself, I'm bored. I've started again. And life always begins with a logo - so here's my new one, and the holding page it sits on whilst I work on my new, new website.
The cloud does have meaning to me, it's too convoluted to explain here, but has somehting to do with someone special I lost this year :)
Hope you all like the logo, er, I mean, appreciate my logo. Thanks for looking!