Apocalyptic Visions

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  • Apocalyptic Visions

    Theimages in this portfolio were originally inspired by the eerie feelingof impending apocalypse in W. B. Yeats’ poem, The Second Coming. Later I realized that, for me, these images suggest mysterious darkemotions far beyond the scope of the poem.  To my sensibilities,the portfolio does have a thematic coherence, but my efforts to expressit have succeeded only in limiting its meaning.  So I simply offerup the original inspiration and let the images speak for themselves.

                                      The SecondComing

                           Turning andturning in the widening gyre
                           The falconcannot hear the falconer;
                           Things fallapart; the centre cannot hold;
                           Mere anarchyis loosed upon the world,
                           Theblood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
                           The ceremonyof innocence is drowned;
                           The best lackall conviction, while the worst
                           Are full ofpassionate intensity.

                           Surely somerevelation is at hand;
                           Surely theSecond Coming is at hand.
                           The SecondComing! Hardly are those words out
                           When a vastimage out of Spiritus Mundi
                           Troubles mysight: somewhere in sands of the desert
                           A shape withlion body and the head of a man,
                           A gaze blankand pitiless as the sun,
                           Is moving itsslow thighs, while all about it
                           Reel shadowsof the indignant desert birds.
                           The darknessdrops again; but now I know
                           That twenty centuries ofstony sleep
                           Were vexed tonightmare by a rocking cradle,
                           And what roughbeast, its hour come round at last,
                           Slouchestowards Bethlehem to be born?

                                                  - William Butler Yates (1920-21)
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