Project’s Scope
The aim of this project is to bring awareness and provide a solution to self-defined target audience. The intended target audience are full-time professionals, between 25 to 45 years of age, who are interested in
maintaining healthier lifestyle, but have very busy lifestyle.
The main objective is to raise awareness about the importance of sleep. Another primary goal is to promote changing behaviour through digital app. The aim is to produce an awareness campaign and a tool to train those people who do not priorities their sleep and have problems with quality sleep.

The Research (Insights)
Sleep is an essential part of life. However, sleep deprivation affects people on several levels such as emotionally, physically and mentally.  And can result in long-term physical and mental problems. There are many reasons of lack of sleep such as a poor sleeping environment, excessive worrying, exposure to technology and other negative stimulants. Some studies indicate that high-tech products including mobile phones are causing a disturbance which emit radiation and are considered to be very dangerous. Smart-phones also increase anxiety levels because users are constantly alert for calls or messages during the night.

The target audience have that specific problem, and the results shows the evidence that most people (middle age) have sleep problems because of their thoughts about next day and other worries at night. And it affects their energy levels, mood and work performance during the day.

Available Solutions
There are many sleeping tools which claim to be effective and this includes manufacturers of mattresses and digital products. Most of these digital products claim to be monitoring and analysing sleeping quality but they only provide analytic data and they might provide some basic insights but they cannot provide effective solutions.
It is a well-known fact that there are literally millions of
people who sleep on very uncomfortable beds without modern digital gadgets. Nevertheless, they still manage to get a relatively high quality of sleep and the primary reason for this is because they do not have an endless list of things which is bugging them. They have no need for expensive electronic gadgets in order to distract their minds from everyday problems.
However, digital analyses alone cannot change human behaviour
and neither can it help people to shut down their minds while sleeping.
This project is researched and looked at the results which has been obtained from questionnaires and surveys.
The environmental pressures, science results, religious and cultural issues and many other contributing factors
have been looked. In order to fully understand all of the issues and the
challenges involved, establishing users’ persona of target audience were very helpful

to identify some of the underlying problems and to ultimately find the correct solution.
The Proposal
The interaction concept is developed on the basis of requirements and scenarios,
establishing users’ persona and  several wire-frames were drawn to visualize the design concept.
The idea is to change the behaviour of user through the mobile app and desktop app.
Throughout the development process, an innovative product with a user-friendly interface, colours,
layout and typography has been used in order to ensure this appeal to the target audience.

The colour palette is simple and relates to my concept of night and day. Midnight-blue
refers to a very dark shade of blue and resemblance to a moonlit night sky.
Orange shade is an energetic colour, often associated with the warmth and change.

The App has the following objectives:

    To create awareness and provide training to change behaviour.
•       Encourage users to take power nap’s during the day.
•       Extensive ‘Time Out’ training
•       Encourage users to write out future tasks before sleeping
•       Sensor Alarm - which will discourage the use of mobile devices before sleep
•       To analyse sleeping habits and see results of achieving goals.

UI/UX App flow

Sensor Alarm (Alert)
Another objective of this campaign is to encourage people to keep electronic devices away from
the bedside and consider using analogue clock alarms while sleeping.

Writing Tasks
Right after the time out screen the user will be encouraged to compile a ‘To do’ list
on the screen. This is an excellent way to alleviate all the stress and
stop the ‘racing mind’ before sleep.

Take a Power Nap
Taking a short nap is a practice which has its roots in many religions and cultures
and it has been practiced for thousands of years. Modern-day scientists have now
recommended this solution and they are encouraging people to
cultivate this habit by simply taking a short nap to alleviate mental stress.

Time Out
The time-out solution has proven to be very effective in reminding the computer uses
to take break and quit for sleep to give body and brain the time to recuperate.

Time Out’ screens on all Connected Devices
All connected devices are fade-in at the same time - The aim is to force users to quit from all devices and take break or sleep.

Awareness Campaign

Responsive Website

Augmented Reality Poster


Promotional Video

App Prototype

This project was selected 
as Semi-finalist of Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018 (ADAA)
Link to SleepGuru Website

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