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    Cardboard furniture on "Sovet Design" exibition by Made in Cardboardia (http://www.facebook.com/madeincardboardia)
Exhibition "Soviet design" was opened in Moscow "Manege". It will lasting from 30 of November 2012, to 20 of January 2013. It comprises number of different items, somehow related to the Soviet Union.
Our workshop (space) "Made in Cardboardia" (http://madein.cardboardia.info) took part in this exibition. We made reconstruction of furniture of cardboard using the sketches of designer A.P. Ermolaev , amazing in their simplicity and originality of constructivism that correlates well with the policy of our workshop. This chairs and tables was made by Aleksandr Ermolaev for decoration of international forum in Soviet Union times (1975).
Alexander Ermolaev was born in Moscow in 1941. He graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute. This is one of the most interesting designers of the Soviet Union. His name is associated with many important points of design in Russia. For example, he taught at the Institute of Architecture at the department "Design of architectural environment" which was the first in Russia to prepare experts on speciality - "Architects and designers." Now he teachs young designers in Moscow Building College No.30 and MARHI (Moscow Architectural Institut) and develop his studio TAF 
For this exhibition workshop "Made in Cardboardia" made cardboard chairs and tables, copy as those, which were created by Aleksandr Ermolaev. Cardboard, allows making such furniture, and it is not only beautiful and unique,but also durable. Designers have tried to transfer ecological, realistic consciousness, which was peculiar to design of the USSR, relied on traditions of constructivism, with its plain structure, meaning and rationality.
Furniture were reconstruct by Timofey Moskovkin ("Made in Cardbordia" main designer)  and Anna Materikina (intern of  our workshop space).
A.P. Ermolaev sketch's and photos of samples making in 1975 for forum in Moscow