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    This project contain cars that are rarely seen on the streets.
Hennessey Venom GT
source: http://www.bmwblog.com
Koenigsegg Agera R
McLaren MP4-12C Spider
Pagani Huayra
Shelby GT40
Zenvo ST1 50S
Super Insurance for Supercars
Have you ever wondered what the insurance premiums for supercars look like? Remember that these cars are really expensive. Some of them would even cost more than a house. We have a number of brands known to man that mainly caters to the rich’s dream of speed, control and exclusivity. Even though Ferrari is already a luxury name on its own, there are still the “entry” models that may not be as exclusive as you may think. Currently this is handled by the Ferrari 458 Italia. This car is fast, easy to tame but exclusive? Not entirely because as I have mentioned this is only the entry level.
These same brands also have their flagship models that really are proud to carry their respective badges. These are cars are also quite expensive. These could go for half a million or even more than a million just for the car. Yes you read that right, these cars may actually be worth than the house you are living in. If you think insuring your car is expensive, what more with these luxury cars?
There are 3 categories for insuring these cars:
1.       Collectors – As you know these could be the cars that are only used to be brought to shows. There are even times when the cars are not driven at all. They are loaded onto a truck to be pulled up to the venue. As you know this is actually the cheapest which is around $14,000 to $15,000.
2.       Secondary – This is the type of usage wherein the car is only driven once in a while. It may be for car shows or for special occasions. This type will cost the owner around $16,000 - $19,000 to insure.
3.       Primary – And you guessed it. This is the most expensive of all the 3 types of insurance. This is because the car is going to be used on a daily basis. This is usually the case for billionaires. They have supercars as their “beaters”. This could actually get you to pay up to $20,000 to $23,000 on premiums.
The quotes that are given above are for the owners that are considered “safe” drivers. What more if the driver got arrested previously for DUI? This is definitely going to increase further.
Message from the author: I can't afford not to write anything. Apart from auto insurance, I also give tutorials for commercial drivers. Here's my website: http://commercialdrivers.net/.