3 Projects in 3 Days: Shopparoo - Shopping List App
Project 3 of 3 Projects in 3 Days: Shopparoo
For some strange reason, I find myself still writing out grocery lists. Trouble is, I don't always remember to write an item down immediately so I forget what it was that I was going to write down half the time. I thought, I always have my phone with me so why not design a simple app that allows you to type up a simple list (or dictate each item via Siri--"Hey Siri, add milk to my shopping list"), then while shopping at the store you double-tap each item when you get it. When the list is done, the app could play an alert sound that you choose from the alerts or ringtones on your device so you know you're done which would help you stick to the list and not rove around for "extra" items.

As I started to think of the design, I thought of designing a kangaroo as the central brand icon because a kangaroo has a pouch (suggests shopping bag), but then I added a shopping bag to make it cuter. Then a play on the word kangaroo became the app name, Shopparoo, and the typeface Chalet ParisNineteenSeventy was chosen because the "S" mimics the way the tail of the kangaroo looks in the icon.

The app elements were then designed using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, then the app itself was designed and prototyped in Adobe Xd, all in a single day, part of my 3 Projects in 3 Days challenge to myself.