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    DESTINATION : PLAY - Process Chart
The Process Chart shows how I 
started from having a number of 
design issues to finally settling on 
one finalized design issue, the fear 
of stepping out of the comfort zone. 
This is for my project,

Everyone started out with 4 - 7 design 
issues in mind. Next, we were asked to 
narrow down the selection to 2 design
issues we wish to do. The first will act
as the main issue and the second will
act as a back up plan in case we get
jaded of the first. 

We were asked to come up with 1 
outcome each for the 2 design issues.
From the 2 outcomes, the lecturers will 
select the design issue topic with the 
stronger outcome and this will be the 
main issue to work on.

From then on, I explained the factors
contributing to the design issue, 
the design statement, the bad effects
of staying in the comfort zone,
Embracing play, Design Hypothesis,
Target Audience and deliverables
for this new semester.