People are constantly evolving and as a the good designer I am, my personal brand becomes my best example of my skills. It's been a while from my last redesign of my personal brand
and my environment required my upgrade.
Her is my evolution of my symbol:
These are the colors I have chosen:
basic white, yellow and two gray, one light and one dark
To decide which is the best radius for the container
I made this graphic proporcional to the sign
To play a little bit, I decided to do my logo with serif and italic,
sans serif and italic, serif with normal style, and only sans serif
The following step is to make the full typography from the 'm' of my logo.
Here there are the parts I used to make all the characters:
All the alphabet of mononelo type
I hope you enjoyed and learned a bit more and if not I hope you have
received a dose of inspiration for your future projects