I love typography and I’m fascinated by the way letterforms are able to communicate tone, mood, and emotion, so I decided to create an edition of typographic posters that featured text from a Biblical psalm. For inspiration I looked at Jonathan Ogden’s project “Typographic Verses,” Nicole Meyer’s work, “Branding 10,000 Lakes,” and Jim Lepage’s “The Word Project.” All of these creative sources feature expressive typography supported with color, texture, and abstract illustrative elements.
I designed my poster in this vein, paraphrasing a verse from Psalm 73. The text is printed from photopolymer and reads, “Whom have I in heaven and earth beside you” over a geometric, pressure printed background. This layer, in citron green, and a layer of custom cut wood type which presents the chapter reference in muted orange, both serve to create texture. Finally, a line of 14pt Clarendon printed from lead type addresses authorship, edition size, date, and printing method.
A limited quantity of handmade prints are available for purchase.
Please contact me for more details.